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Ski The Republic Of Texas


Texas is a State of mind, a Country of its own; within the United States of America, this proud feeling of Independence probably stems from the area's history.  

Six sovereign Nation's flags have flown over Texas, proclaiming it as their own, including the short-lived Republic of Texas. Soon after making a stand for independence at the Alamo, and a defeat of Santa Ana's Mexican army at San Jacinto, the new Republic joined the world of independent nations, with recognition as such bestowed by the United States, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands and the Republic of Yucatan.

From independence in 1836 - and even after the citizens of the Republic of Texas voted to annex themselves into the United States in 1845 - the north and western reaches of Texas were claimed to be the Rio Grande River to its headwaters, the Arkansas River to its headwaters, then north from these points to the 42nd Parallel. Within these boundaries were parcels of land that now belong to the citizens of New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas and Wyoming.

After the victory of the United States in the Mexican War of 1846-48, Texans agreed in 1850 to release these claims to the Federal Government in exchange for $10,000,000 (the amount of money needed to clear all debts the Republic of Texas had incurred) and adopted the borders we now recognize as

the State of Texas.

Today, within this ceded acreage are some of the finest winter recreation resorts in the United States, ranging from Ruidoso (Ski Apache) and Ski Cloudcroft in the south, to Steamboat Springs in the north. This map displays all areas that were originally in the Republic.

So, when you step into your bindings or strap on your boards at any of these resorts, you are skiing or riding in the Republic of Texas!!!

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