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1- A 12x8 wood framed canvas of the the famous "Ed Iver" ski patch  and history as told by Ilse Woerndle.. 
--Who Was Ed Iver?
"In the 1960s every skier wanted a ski patch of their favorite resort.
Ilse Woerndle of the Alpine Lodge designed one of the first, and it became a valley legend.
A large sweeping "R" with a skier's track filled in with "ED" and "IVER" was misread by many guests, who would finally ask... "Who's Ed Iver??"
1960s Patch designs by Ilse Woerndle.


2- 8x8 canvas-Isle also designed the patch for the famous Alpine Lodge, where Red River skiing fun was born.


3- 8x8 canvas-Judy Miller designed the Powder Puff Mountain logo,


4 & 5- on 8x8 canvas-Early RRSA patches (1960s).


Drop shipped to you or a friend's door.
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Set of 5 Red River Ski Patches On Canvas

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