2020-4"x8" Desk Calendars of 13 postcard street level views of old Red River.

Choice of mug to make a desk combo.


Cover- 1958 Main Looking East,

Jan- 1957 (Art by AJ Merrill) Main Looking West,

Feb- 1958 Main @ Prunty's Post Office,

Mar- 1957 High @ Village Inn,

Apr- 1954 Main @ Frye's Western Wear,

May- 1974 Main @ Siesta Lodge,

Jun- 1957 Pioneer @ Black Mountain Playhouse,

Jul- 1954 Main @ The Starr,

Aug- 1958 Main Looking East,

Sep- 1957 High/Mallette @ 3 Canyon Camp,

Oct- 1957 High @ Dexter's Trading Post,

Nov- 1960 Main @ The Riverside Lodge,

Dec- 1979 West End Main Looking East.


11 ounce, black mug made and drop shipped to you or a friend by VistaPrint.

Taxes included.  If you want more than one use quantity box on cart page.


Available for wholesale.  Contact skireriver@hotmail.com

#3- On the Streets @ 8750 Feet