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1984 View of the Giant Trout 4th of July parade float in Red River, New Mexico.

(unknown photographer).

Choice of three styles.

White- 14.99

Black Handle- 16.99

Black- 18.99


Sometimes historical archiving is much like the gold mining stories we hear, a glint of shiny metal in the steam leads to a golden nugget. I posted a simple parade photo from the Veale Family Collection recently and Randall Church was kind enough to share this image, by an unknown photographer, to add to the fun memory of one of the biggest and best Red River parade floats ever.


Text reads, "Bucket mouth small finned smoked trout" Caught by the crew of Snead Construction 47'2" Long 12,301 lbs"

One (1), 11 oz. Memory Mug(s) (3.75" tall, 3"x3") imprinted by VISTAPRINT and drop shipped to your, or a friend's door.  Each is individually boxed for gifting and inventory.


Giant Trout of Red River-1984

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