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Who Was Ed Iver?

5.5"x4" Folded Greeting Cards with envelopes.

Available in lots of 10, 20,50.  Printed and drop shipped by Vistaprint to your, or a friend's door.



Historic Gold Mining and Ski Town

Here-as the sad Ballad sings-

handsome ED IVER skied to

his early grave on HI-Noon July 4, 1868

-on Dipsy Doodle the roaring avalanche

"Gillso" took Ed's last and dear breath


Who was ED IVER?

In the sixties, every skier wanted to buy a ski patch

or pin of every ski area he had skied. The Red

River ski area had a very nice patch, which we would

have like to sell in the Alpine Ski Shop. The ski

area however did not let us. So we had to design our

own. So a triangle was designed, with a skier coming

down on the tail of a BIG "R", to start the words

Red and River. However, the public did not seem to

connect the big R with the follow-up "ed" and "iver"

and kept asking, who is Ed Iver? We eventually came

up with a big story. that Ed was an old miner who got

killed in an avalanche.

One summer the Forest Service removed a scenic sign at

the entrance to Red River's west side, for re-painting,

but never put it back up again. So we used the old sign post

to erect a giant Ed Iver sign and story. It got attention alright!

--Ilse Woerndle



Who Is Ed Iver? Cards

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